Why SearchCast?


SearchCast staff have a breadth of experience working with some of the most exciting companies in software, systems, devices, hardware, cloud, capital equipment and manufacturing serving a wide spectrum of verticals.  We have helped companies hire within all functional disciplines at the CxO, VP and Director level such as engineering, marketing, finance, sales, operations and manufacturing. We know how to run an effective search and help management teams sort through the complex issues to align on the true needs in order to calibrate the search team.

Each Search is Unique

Just as every company and corporate culture is unique, so are searches and search partners. We take the time up front to ensure we truly understand your business, the markets in which it competes, its culture and specialized needs. We will listen, ask questions, quickly get up to speed, and then map out your market, competitors and tangential markets to identify the top candidates who will understand your industry and drive results.  

Tailored Process

Our process is front-loaded to make sure we set the search up for success. This tailored method is collaborative, responsive, and efficient to be respectful of your time. Through a customized approach, extensive research and continuous communication, we solicit your feedback along the way to make sure any needed adjustments are made sooner rather than later and that outreach messaging is crystalized to keep the search on track. With time-tested experience, we know how to find, attract and screen candidates so you’re only presented with the most relevant and best talent, saving you valuable time and resources.

Flexible Fee Structure

We have flexible fee structures that range from a traditional retained percentage-based fee to flat fees, ongoing monthly retainers, time and expense options, and in some instances, equity in lieu of cash. SearchCast will work with you to select the structure that works best for your company and its needs.

“Jim helped me find a CFO who grew to be my right-hand person. It was truly one of the best hiring experiences I ever had. Jim helped me develop the ideal candidate profile and provided a series of excellent candidates that exceeded my expectations.”

Jim Plymale, President and CEO - Machine Research